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Welcome to This Knight Life...

Hello! We're Jim & Nousk, childhood sweethearts, sparring partners and joint  zoo keepers to three boys - Rad, Loch & Jesse, and Jasper the wirehaired Vizsla. We all live here in Staffordshire England, in a dilapidated Victorian townhouse currently throwing us more curveballs, costs and headaches than the kids.

Luckily Jim's our very own builder extraordinaire with an appetite for graft, and our secret weapon in these daily renovation battles we're doing with this house of ours. And me? Well, I write about it. Because that's what I do. Alongside writing fiction for publishing giants, Harper Collins.

I also point at the bits I think Knighty should be getting on with next, and chase children and dogs quite a lot. My own, not those of unsuspecting strangers.


So this is our Renovation, Family and Writing life all under one leaky roof.

If you have an interest in cornering-on-wheels renovation, the reality of life as a published author or the trials & tribulations of a growing family of five plus one badly behaved but disarmingly handsome dog, there might just be something here for you to look at, laugh at or just shake your head at.

So Welcome! Come on in and join the chaos. Mind the broken floorboards...

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