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Anouska Knight

Harper Colins Bestselling Author Anouska Knight sitting on couch in front of bric wall

'Since securing the top prize in a widely-publicized UK writing contest, Anouska Knight has become an international sensation with her debut novel, Since You’ve Been Gone, hitting both

The Bookseller and Heatseekers bestseller lists.

A former bakery owner, she has gone on to wide acclaim in her native England and now writes full-time, currently on her next novel

for Harper Collins.' 


Latest arrival...

Well that's the professional bit out of the way.

Snippet of bio... presentable snap of me doing my best to look all authory and knowledgeable...

The photo is a complete deception I'm afraid. As many writers will tell you, the writing gets done in coffee/tear-stained pyjamas, not eyebrow pencil and aspirational writing nooks.

Sure, I make up stories, but you can trust me on this.

It all went a bit crazy for me after I had a bash at a writing competition on ITV and my winning debut book turned actual, bona fide bestseller.

(True story.)

I'm a few novels in now, it's been quite a ride moving from love stories through family sagas to contemporary fiction.

I don't know where I'll end up, if I end up anywhere. I'm a restless writer and I'm going with it.

Mostly, it's the human condition that influences my storytelling, light and dark and everything in between. Love, grief, fatal flaws, second chances... I believe in it all. We're a work in motion, us people. 

Perfect Strangers was my last published title and the first of a two-book deal with Harper Collins. Which is very cool and still a little bit unbelievable.

Currently, I'm thrashing out my second manuscript for them - my fifth novel in total - as well as dabbling a little in the arena of scriptwriting.

Sometimes, when I'm not plotting, redrafting or editing, and the husband/kids/dog aren't distracting me, you might find me here, giving you a little look around this writing life I've found myself in. Because who doesn't like a sneaky peek behind the scenes, right? 

Thanks for stopping by,


New book Perfect Strangers by bestselling author Erin Knight

What would YOU do
if a 
took your name, 
and broke it?

Would you try to become someone new?
or would you 
find them...

and take it back?

Erin who?

If you want it darker, maybe give Erin Knight a whirl.
Perfect Strangers is a departure from my previous titles so it was only fair to put it out there under a tweaked pseudonym.

The story follows Isobel as she navigates her way back from the debilitating experience of a ruthless take-down by online trolls.

With her career in tatters and her personal life in freefall, Isobel has nothing left to lose.

She decides to take back some tiny semblance of power and track down the stranger who destroyed her life, and expose him.

But when Isobel settles in the idyllic seaside town of Fallenbay, she finds a community drowning in secrets and the strangers... too close for comfort.


Other Books...

Bestselling romance book Since You've Bee Gone by Anouska Knight
Family drama fiction book Letting You Go by bestselling author Anouska Knight
Romance novel by bestselling author Anouska Knight

Foreign Editions

'A writer who is going to do great things' - Jackie Collins OBE
'A real talent' - Lorraine Kelly CBE
'A very cleverly-woven story' - Teresa Driscoll
'One of the best writers in the Midlands' - Birmingham Film & TV Market

Bestselling Harper Collins authors Carmel Harrington, Anouska Knight, Hazel Gaynor and Fionnuala Kearney at The V&A Museum

Hobnobbing at the Harper Collins Summer Party,
V&A London

Bestselling author Anouska Knight chatting with ITV's Lorraine Kelly in the London television studios

Beholding my second book on Lorraine's coffee table.

Away from notepads & laptops...

Bestselling authors Anouska Knight and Jackie Collins enjoying lunch in Spago Beverly Hills

Lunching at Spago Beverly Hills with the inimitable, irreplaceable Jackie Collins

Bestselling author Anouska Knight on photoshoot

Posing with (nibbling on) cupcakes during author photoshoot 

Bestselling author Anouska Knight signing book deal with Harper Collins publishers

Signing my two-book deal with Harper Collins HQ 

Bestselling authors Victoria Fox and Anouska Knight at the ITV studios in London

Hanging out with competition judge, fellow writer
and unfairly talented pal, Emma Stonex (Victoria Fox)

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