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 The Green Room

...progress so far...

We know, we know! Sounds so pretentious to call this little lounge The Green Room as if it's somewhere the American president might have anxious discussions with Superman, but it started to become a real pain when one of the kids lost a shin pad or school tie etc to dither about explaining in which room downstairs the dog might've hidden it.  We've gotten as far as painting the walls in here (whoo) and we painted them green. So hey. It's not posh, but it is indeed the green room.

It's also one of the few rooms in the house major building works weren't necessary. Don't be fooled. It's still taken a lot of work to get it paint-ready. We had been using the room as a temporary field kitchen for the first few months, but I hated being in the front of the house cooking at night while passers-by could see in through the net curtains (they're still up in there) so we did finally get started.

There had obviously been previous damp issues as the walls had been sort of tanked with a black flashband-type material (the sort of stuff used to line cellars to keep the wet out) so there was lots and lots of ripping out and prep work before the plastering started. 

We're just giving the place it's final push this week in time for Xmas. We still need to finish the floor border, which we're making out of upcycled pallets (fingers crossed that works out), radiator, picture rail, carpet, hearth, ceiling rose, fireplace mantel, and coving. Then it's goodbye treadmill, hello soft furnishings! At last!

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