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Reclamation marks!

Updated: Dec 4, 2017

Is there anything more appealing than a wall of paint tins? I think not. Farrow & Ball are, of course, the fashionable brand of choice for many and no wonder... the colour palettes are stunning (and particularly well-suited to a period renovation), but even the tins look beautiful.

I grabbed Jesse from nursery at lunchtime today and we took a little potter to our local reclamation yard to seek out something sandstone-y for the hearth in the green room. This is one of the two front reception rooms we have off either side of the hallway, the green room being the space we're trying to get sorted over the next few days so we have a lovely cosy room all set for the Knight family Xmas tree.

I didn't find any sandstone, because it was too bloody cold to hang around outside. So Jesse and I had a roam around some of the show rooms before settling down in the cafe area above, in front of a great big slice of cake and a pot of the good stuff. Here are a few things we liked while on our wander...

Knobs! And hooks. What's not to like? Our house is crammed with coats, I knew I was right to ignore Jim and hang on to them all. All we need, are knobs and hooks.

I snapped this because we're going to be putting timber panelling in the other reception room once we've stopped using it as our temporary lounge and move into the green room for Xmas. I was planning on painting it, as coincidence would have it a similar blue to that in the pic, but Jim's been quite keen to keep a wood finish. I really love the warmth in the timber grain here... I don't think we'll be stretching to oak panelling, but I think Jimmy and I can probably find a compromise somewhere now I've seen how great the blue goes against a nice, mid-tone timber.

We did briefly make it as far as the sandstone sets. But even then I got distracted by the chimney pots. Beauties, the lot of them. And every bit as lovely as a wall display of paint tins.


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